So many in America today are asking , “Now what?” Where do we go from here? What will become of us? Big tech is censoring conservative voices, the left wing liberals are going to begin persecuting those that disagree with them, our rights will all be under attack or even stripped away! This is all very concerning and well as it should be.

But God has a plan and he is working it as he sees fit without even asking my input or permission! What I see is God purifying his church. He will have his bride and she will be spotless and glorious!

It’s nothing new for darkness to not understand the light. Darkness is frightened by the light so it works tirelessly to extinguish it. Darkness knows it has a limited time so it will do everything it can it a short amount of time. 

Our hold on this world is a temporary one. We are just passing through. This world is not my permanent home. I seek a home not made by hands. I belong to a kingdom that cannot be overturned. I serve a King without equal. 

Too many are clutching to rights offered by a document a few hundred years ago as if somehow it surpasses the eternal word of God. Many will be shocked to discover that some of those rights we cling to so tightly in this country will have no place in his kingdom. Think about it. 

I say again, God is purifying his church. Let him take off of you what you are clinging to so tightly and instead let’s hold on to him alone who can redeem, save, and transform us.


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