Hero or schmuck?

     You ever feel like you’re all that and a bag of chips and then other days you feel you just wanna crawl under the covers? The struggle between insecurity and pride is real and more common than people would like to admit. So many things can affect how we feel about ourselves. Our emotions can fluctuate daily at times. Not getting enough exercise, sleep, nourishment, rest, or play can all have a powerful impact on our psyche. If we take meds we have to add in the effects or side effects that can play with our feelings.

     As followers of Christ we are often told that pride is evil but actually it is a healthy emotion within limits. I firmly believe in taking pride in my work, or as a father being proud of my children but not in a bragging kind of way but in a grateful to God kind of way. Conversely humility is always lifted up as a commendable virtue until of course someone wants to turn you into a doormat.

     What can help us find a good healthy balance between these two powerful emotions is reading and knowing what God has to say about it all. Humility before God recognizes that he is there to empower us at just the right time to accomplish whatever task he lays before us. He builds us up when we feel down. He gently reminds us that we need him every day when our heads have gotten too big. He keeps us balanced. He recognizes the gifts he has placed in us when we are feeling insecure. He tells us often how much he loves us. He encourages us to take on new and exciting challenges. He will lift us up in honor in due time. 

     There will still be days when we will feel like we just conquered the world and other days when we feel like total losers but when we put our whole lives in God’s hands those days will happen less often. I choose to find my identity in him and not my emotions. He is dependable and faithful. More importantly I know he loves me.


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