As a kid it was always fun playing hide-n-seek. Not sure which was more fun, the hiding or the finding! Of course there were times when someone hid so well you just couldn’t find them. Then the times when a kid would hide in plain sight. 

We have this idea that God is hiding from us all the time. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact he has revealed himself over and over and over again. The real issue is that we get so easily distracted by all the shiny stuff of life. 

We are told in his word that in the past he spoke through so many different people and avenues. He finally decided to come and speak to us directly through his Son, Jesus Christ. Through him he basically showed us who he really is and just how much he really loves us.

In our current environment of constant entertainment, and a video screen in our hands we are easily distracted. So many things competing for our attention. It turns out God is “hiding” in plain sight. He is there right in the middle of our chaos waiting to be “discovered” and “found.”

When you finally get tired of searching for everything else and not finding satisfaction or real life then stop for a moment. Take a deep breath. See God waiting with open arms of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. He’s not too hard to find if your are looking.


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