We all have it. Maybe we don’t realize it. Sounds kinda mystical. It’s the stuff fairytales are made of. Some call it an aura. Some call it presence. Some may refer to it as a glow. Whatever you call it and exactly what it is I’m not sure but I am sure everybody has it. They exude it. 

We can’t help but be who we are. We are able to spot it so much more quickly in others than we do in ourselves. It’s that quality that some possess that makes you want to be around them. It’s also that same quality that makes people want to not be around them. You know what I’m talking about.

It’s that intangible, invisible, yet very real presence that emanates from within. Here’s the crazy part. We will exude that aura depending on what and where we are emotionally and spiritually. To be fair we aren’t always a party to be around like when we’re “hangry.” Other times we are a joy to be with.

When we encounter Jesus and he becomes a vital part of our lives more often than not we will exude joy, peace, and calm. It just becomes part of our nature. He becomes our aura. You really don’t have to tell a light to shine, it just does it. It does what it was originally designed for. That is it’s purpose. That is it’s destiny. To glow or not to glow. That is the question.


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