Be strong!

 There are different levels of strength and courage. In leadership books and seminars we are often told to set scary goals. We’ve heard it said that if it doesn’t scare you then it’s not from God. We’ve been told that we should believe for the impossible. While there are some things we can take from all of this I beg to differ with this kind of “go big or go home” mentality to Christian living. 

We are told if you are not living constantly at the precipice of failure or greatness you are somehow doing it wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. I suspect that much of that kind of thinking is more about personal satisfaction, ego, pride, and human greatness. Somehow we think we are greater spiritual giants than others because we bought into this idea.

Often being strong and courageous is found in daily living. Small acts of love, sacrifice, and service. You may never go into battle against overwhelming odds and come out the celebrated, conquering hero but you serve quietly, faithfully, humbly. You are dependable and faithful where you are.

Sometimes courage is found in fighting through difficulties in your marriage in order to save it. Courage can be found in raising a special needs child and learning to adjust your own life to meet their needs. Certainly strength and courage has been exhibited daily across our land as frontline health care workers have held strong in caring for Covid patients. 

The list is exhaustive. You may not see it at first but it’s there in the daily grind of working, raising a family, faithfully loving and serving others, holding on to your faith in God in the midst of chaos. You may not see huge crowds applauding your seemingly insignificant efforts but rest assured that there is one who sees and he will reward you in due time. Stop worrying about trying to go big and simply go by trusting God each day.


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