And action!

 We all know it’s true, actions speak louder than words. Knowing it and doing it are two completely different things. We all love a good speech filled with flowery words that paint a beautiful picture. We all have our favorite speakers and orators but ultimately it comes down to actions.

We can easily say what others want to hear and frankly, there are some silver tongues devils who can talk themselves out of almost anything and sometimes even into everything! Words definitely have the power to persuade. Actions, however, will always trump words. 

We can be guilty of what we condemn others of, all talk and no action. What is most assuredly needed today in America is a lot less talk and way more action. There is a way that we can truly demonstrate our love for others and that is through concrete action.

Our verse for today encourages us to do just that. Don’t love in words only but back it up with some real action. You tell your wife you love her but it would be better to buy her flowers, surprise her with a date night, get her a gift for no reason.

This works with everyone we know. Someone fall on hard times? Take them dinner. Neighbor laid up sick? Mow their yard. Friend discouraged? Cheer them up by taking them to lunch. It’s well past time we lessened all the talking and ramped up more doing. One more thing. Let’s do it all without posting about it on social media.


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