Love out loud!

 It’s always a delightful surprise when you find out someone has been thinking about you or saying good things about you to others. Most of the time it is between two people who are in love but it also happens with family or friends. Something you did or said made an impact and at some random point in their day it was brought to their minds and they started thinking about you and it brought a smile to their face. 

It becomes even more astonishing when they see you again and they tell you that they were thinking about you. For some unexplained reason we have within us an innate desire to express praise, gratitude, or love. It turns out that expressing it completes the action. In other words love is incomplete unless it is expressed. In some fashion or another, be it through words or deeds love must find an outlet. 

This whole thing makes God’s love for us unbelievably amazing and it beggars description. Words fail us in any tongue, language, or dialect of men or of angels to adequately express it. Not only are we completely unable to explain his love for us we are also in dire poverty of words or expressions in responding sufficiently to his love. 

In today’s verse we read King David’s words in trying to understand how, after looking at the whole  of creation, God could possibly take any notice of us at all. It is astounding to contemplate. What could possibly be our only appropriate response to his love? Even if we had a thousand lifetimes to give in honor and sacrifice to him it would not be enough. The songwriter penned the words, “Oh, for a thousand tongues to sing my great redeemers praise.” 

The only response is to surrender my life completely over to him and to live every day as an act of worship. To present my body to him as a living sacrifice is the only reasonable answer. To do any less is to diminish his worthiness of our wholehearted praise and worship. Love is incomplete unless it is expressed. We would burst if we didn’t live our love for him out loud!


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