Weight loss miracle!

 Had some knee pain a few years back and went to my doctor. As doctors are in the habit of telling you what you really don’t want to hear he didn’t disappoint. He there’s really nothing wrong but you could lose some weight. I was offended and told him I was not fat. He agreed but he said that if I just lost 5 pounds it would make a marked improvement on my knee since that would be five pounds less it would have to carry. 

Admittedly 5 pounds isn’t too much. We eat at least that in crawfish! So I did lose the 5 pounds and it pains me to say that doc was right. My knee got better. It’s mind boggling how just a little bit of weight loss can have such a profound effect. This post is not calling you fat so relax fatty. 

I am wondering though how much weight of worry and anxiety we carry around with us. It’s become such a normal part of our life that we are simply inseparable at this point. We are like conjoined twins! We don’t even give it a second thought. We worry about so many things that we simply cannot change. We worry about too many changes happening so quickly. We worry about what’s happening in our nation, our cities, our families. We worry about our health, our wealth or lack thereof, our age, our kids, etc. It’s an endless list. 

In today’s verse we learn that worry and anxiety weigh down our hearts. The good news is that a kind word can bring much needed relief. In other words we can lose just a little bit of weight by simply speaking kind words. Here’s the crazy part. We can be kind to ourselves and to others and it doesn’t cost a cent. The thought that I have the superpower to lighten someone else’s load by a kind word is startling and eye opening! I think I will go and make someone’s day brighter by saying something kind and maybe witty too while I’m at it. Who knows but that could absolutely turn their day from a blah to a wow kind of day. Go ahead try it!


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