The Appointment.

 According to God’s word we all have an appointment that simply cannot be canceled. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, how intelligent you are, how gifted and talented you may be the appointment is sure and set in stone. It comes to all young and old for it is no respecter of persons. I tend to believe that although it is definitely set that we will all have to make that appointment we are also given power to either speed it up or push it back some for ourselves and also for these unfortunately but ultimately it will still be kept like it or not.

That appointment is death. The rich and poor, prince and pauper, king and servant, will lay in the dust when their days are over. There simply is no escaping it. Go ahead and take the herbs, essential oils, vitamins, exercise, diets, and any other measure you want. It may push back the appointment and it may cause you to live a healthier quality of life but those things cannot stop the inevitable.

Here’s the good news! There is a way to take away the sting of death. The crippling fear of death and dying can be overcome. The fear is overwhelmed by hope. When Jesus arose from the dead he triumphed over death. Now because our hope is in him we know that one day we too shall rise triumphant, and jubilant over the grave. Death is no longer a scary end to a tired and futile life but a doorway to the beginning of a new beautiful life full of glory, inexpressible joy in the presence of God himself. He is the resurrection and the life and because I belong to him I too will join him in that eternal life.


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