Sign in the Sky

    One the most memorable trips I’ve ever taken was to the top of Pikes Peak. All the dangerous curves, tight twists and turns until you reach the summit. We actually drove up through a cloud! Once we reached the top at just over 14,000 feet above sea level our eyes were wide open as well as our mouths in breathless wonder! The awe inspiring views and majestic vistas beggar description.

     Such breathtaking beauty. The views have inspired so many. I don’t remember how many times the only word I could get out was “Wow!” Words just fail to describe it. Today’s verse tells us that all of creation is a huge billboard to God. It shouts his name and his glory every day. From sunrise to sunset each day declares God’s existence. He created the big beautiful blue marble and hung it in space and then created humans to inhabit it. To deny the existence of God in the face of so much evidence is a fools errand.

     Clearly we have no excuse for not knowing God. Open your eyes and see the majestic wonders all around you! Creation is His signpost that you are special, created for purpose, immensely loved!


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