No holding back.

 We have all at one time or another misplaced our faith in someone or something only to be sadly disappointed. It seems we go through life trying and testing in pursuit of something or someone that would be our rock. We long for stability, dependability, assurance of something we can rely on. Early on it’s a parent, a teacher, a friend, a mentor, a coach, a priest, rabbi or minister. It can be the person we fell in love with and started a family with.

We want to know that we can trust this person to always be there, to always be the one we can count on, the one who won’t let us down. The reason there are so many broken-hearted people is because they have discovered that there is always a chink in the armor. The person we thought had unimpeachable character has failed us. Our world begins to come apart. Our faith shatters. We get angry at God, we leave the church, we divorce, we quit the job, we avoid our former acquaintances. We become skeptical. We become hard hearted. 

Trusting someone again takes great effort. We do so but we always have that little voice in the back of our heads holding us back from totally and completely trusting and believing in someone. So we keep a tiny bit of our hearts back because we won’t have it shattered all over again. To trust is to allow ourselves to become vulnerable but we’ve paid that price before and it was too high. 

When we become followers of Jesus Christ we start trusting again. Our faith begins to blossom once more. The more we learn from his word the more of our heart we give him. It is a journey of faith. Our faith is growing, blooming, reaching for the impossible. Could it be we have finally found someone we can totally and completely trust that will never leave us nor abandon us even when we crumble and fall in bitter disappointment? Yes, it is Jesus who is the only one worthy to have our hearts completely. Even that last tiny bit you’ve been holding back for so long. He is worthy. Trust him completely today. You won’t be disillusioned.


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