I still believe!

     We have faith in a lot of things, a lot of people and circumstances. Sometimes our faith in these things is rewarded by reality but more often than not if we are truthful with ourselves our faith is greatly disappointed. We have faith we’ll get that new promotion and then it goes to someone else. We have faith the new house will go through and then it falls apart at the last minute. We believe in someone when ends up betraying us. The list goes on.

     When things don’t pan out like we believed that should have we use cliches like, “It just wasn’t meant to be” or “God has something or someone better for you” or  some other well worn phrase in an attempt to soften the blow. We often take bible verses out of context and twist and turn them to fit our situation. So called “prophets” then come out of their caves to tell us why things didn’t happen or some other ridiculous mystery always left open to interpretation.

     Today’s verse is talking about one kind of faith. Faith in God. Faith in God’s promises. Again as good Bible scholars we must be very careful not to take a specific promise given to a specific person for a specific time and try to make it fit our situation. God’s word doesn’t work that way and neither do his promises. If we read the entire chapter of Hebrews 11 we find so many wonderful examples of people who put their trust in God’s word to them and they saw mighty miracles that beggar description. We also find others who were given promises that did not come about in their lifetimes. We read of others still who died horrible deaths while never giving up on God’s promises.

     Having faith in God means that we believe in what he has promised and purposed in his word whether we see it come to pass in our lifetimes or not. It means that we believe he is trustworthy and can be relied on regardless of our present circumstances. Biblical faith rests in the nature and character of God. Our faith must rest solely upon him because he never fails to keep his word.


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