God is here.

     A few years ago coming back from a motorcycle trip to Sturgis I decided to stop in Colorado Springs to head up Pikes Peak on my motorcycle. I’d been up there before but never on my bike. It was quite exhilarating! It was late August but there was snow towards the top. Once at the top the view was breathtaking as always. It’s awe inspiring to be able to experience God in the beauty of his creation.

     There really is nothing quite like it. You feel you could almost reach out and touch God up there. Those places of quiet reflection are to be found all around us in nature. Taking a walk along the beach, canoeing down a lazy river in east Texas, touring the coast Kawaii in a catamaran all will take you to a place of wonder and majesty of creation and leave you in awe of our creator.

     There is another place where you can experience God but it is mostly a place where you can experience him with a group of other likeminded people. We refer to it as church, small group, cell group, home fellowships, etc. It is when a group of Christ followers come together for worship, mutual encouragement, prayer, and giving. I’ve heard people say that they can easily enjoy the Lord at home as at church. It’s really not and either or situation.

     God wants us to experience him in more than one way. Jesus started the church which he purchased with his own blood. It is dear and very precious to him and often referred to as the “bride” of Christ. To stop going to church is to miss out on experiencing God in community which is completely different than experiencing him alone in his creation.

     We were never designed to do life alone. We were always meant to live this life in community with others. When at church take a look around at the people that the Lord thought were worth dying for. Hear their stories of transformation from death to life in Jesus Christ. Hear them worship. See them raise their hands in gratitude. You will experience God there. You are welcome there. Broken, imperfect, hurting, just like the rest all seeking God and being healed, restored, and encouraged by his spirit working through others. Be assured that God is in the midst of his church.


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