Free at last!

     We’re living in a time when people think it’s ok to have relative truth. You have your truth and I have my truth. It becomes subjective. We have people who totally deny reality, even scientific knowledge, and claim a truth that is nothing but lies and an illusion. It seems that truth is so elusive and somehow we’ll never truly grasp it so we go on searching and of course constantly adjusting our definition of truth.

     We even take scriptures like today’s verse and twist it to our satisfaction or misapply it. Always read a verse in its context to truly understand it. Jesus is the one who spoke these words. He was speaking to a very religious group of people who had made God’s truth a real burden to bear and had so twisted the truth that it was more like bondage than freedom.

     Jesus says that if they would listen to his teachings they would know the truth and would find freedom. They were offended and claimed that as descendants of Abraham they had never been slaves which was of course a huge lie! Cue the Egyptians. Currently they were under the heavy boot of Roman occupation but somehow their own history didn’t seem to fit their claims.

     Jesus, however, was not talking about human slavery but rather slavery to sin. He is trying to show them that by listening and obeying his teachings they would find freedom from sin. They no longer had to be slaves to the impulses of the sinful flesh. The teachings of Jesus are a truth that breaks the chains of bondage. 

     This is something no political power can wield. The power to set you free from addictions, free from shame, free from sinful habits, free from a purposeless life, free from anger and hatred and the list goes on. This is the freedom that the Son grants to those who put their trust in him and his word. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” His truth never changes. When you know him you are set free!


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