Follow the Leader

     My youngest grandson is a typical toddler. He brings us such great joy. The one thing he likes doing best is to mimic everything his big sister does. If she jump offs the sofa sure enough there he goes too! What ever she eats he wants some too. If she gets in trouble for doing something he is right there with her because he did it as well. He can’t help himself. He’s never done this stuff before so he plays follow the leader and in this case his “leader” is a slightly older sister with a mind of her own. They make quite a pair!

     Without her even realizing it she has a disciple. She is mentoring and doesn’t have a clue. She is leading even if she’s not sure where she’s headed herself. She is just going all the time and enjoying her life and living out loud the only way she knows how. She tests the limits and he does too! It’s part of growing up.

     Many adults today don’t realize that they have others who are looking at them and are following their lead. To go and make disciples does not mean we need to go overseas to be a missionary. It is better translated, “as you are going” make disciples. In other words as you go to work today make disciples. As you go to church today make disciples. As you go about your daily living make disciples. Making disciples is a lifestyle of simply letting our light shine for Jesus wherever we are and in whatever circumstance we find ourselves.

     How we react to problems and difficulties speaks volumes about our faith. People are watching. Our kids are watching. Our in-laws are watching. Our teenagers are watching. Our coworkers are watching. Without you even realizing there are people who are following your lead. My only question is what kind of disciples are we making? If we’re going to be making disciples for Christ then maybe we should definitely be more intentional about it. Where are you going and who is following right behind you? The Apostle Paul said, “Follow me as I follow Jesus.”


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