Back in 2002 I took my two sons to a Royal Ranger Camporama (similar to Boy Scouts) for a week long adventure. It definitely was memorable. One favorite game was when we would take about ten guys, blindfolded on an adventure. Each boy would place his hands on the shoulders on the one in front. The commander who was not blindfolded would then give verbal commands. Go forward three steps and turn right. Stop, turn left and go ten steps, etc. Those blindfolded had no idea what was going on but had to simply obey the commander.

    Those spectators on the sidelines were on pins and needles because they could see what had been avoided on the journey. At the end we asked everyone to remove their blindfolds and see where they had come through. Everyone was astonished! Trees had been missed by inches. Large boulders were gone around safely. Huge ditches were easily avoided. In fact, as we discovered, it was the ones who were blindfolded who although they could not see actually had more peace because they trusted the commanders voice. Those who could were nervous wrecks.

    That one game left such an impression on me. All I need to do is simply trust the voice of my Commander who sees all the obstacles that I am blind to and he will safely lead. This is living by faith. It means I trust my Lord Jesus because I know he loves me and wants good things for my life. I trust in his perfect timing through every twist and turn of this journey of faith. When I get to heaven and the blindfold finally comes off he will show me the crazy obstacle course I maneuvered and how listening to his voice kept me from sure disasters all along the way. One last thing. Not seeing impending doom at every turn means I had more peace because I listened to his voice.


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