Hide and seek is such a fun game that kids of all ages always enjoy. Everyone hides and one person is the “seeker” who goes around looking for everyone else. The first one found becomes the next seeker. There are probably thousands of variations because kids like to make rules to their advantage like what exactly is home base, does the seeker have to touch you first, etc. Turns out that the older the kids the more rules that are created!

     Now that we are older the game has changed. The goal is to seek out what we think will bring us happiness. It can be hiding in a bottle of alcohol or maybe it’s in illicit relationships or just maybe it’s at the gym getting pumped up, or maybe it can be found working day and night until some elusive measure of success is found.

     When we set our hearts to seeking things that we think will bring us satisfaction or recognition we will always be disappointed because the goal changes all the time. In fact once we achieve some goal another one pops up! Like a dog chasing it’s own tail we go round and round in a dizzying motion never satisfied and always chasing.

     When God created us he gave us a desire to pursue him. After the fall and sin came rushing in it twisted our desires. We started chasing fame, popularity, power, sex, wealth, instant gratification and the list goes on. We were meant to be “seekers” of God but sin has perverted that desire.

     As Christ followers our desire has been factory reset when we became believers. We are encouraged in today’s verse to seek after God. Everything else we need he will find for us. If your gonna be a seeker, then seek him first and everything else will fall into place.



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