The world longs for peace at a time when many are more interested in strife, dissension, and even anarchy. The level of angst and anxiety is steadily increasing. Angry, brick-throwing mobs commit acts of violence, burn down buildings, loot businesses all in the name of justice. Often in the hope of bringing about peace we resort to violence.

    There is a peace that this world does not comprehend. It is a peace that passes all human wisdom and understanding. It just doesn’t make sense. God’s ways and thoughts are so much higher that ours. It is a peace of mind and heart that is supernaturally given to those who trust in Jesus Christ. It is a gift of heaven.

    We can be at peace because we know the Prince of Peace. We know who holds all life in his hands. We know who flung the stars into the sky. We know who spoke the worlds into existence. We know who holds tomorrow. You can find this peace through simply trusting Christ for the forgiveness of our sins.

    He will forgive, restore, renew, and give life. As a bonus he gives peace but not like the world gives which is dependent on outward circumstances. The beauty of his peace is that since the world didn’t give it to me the world can’t take it away!


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