Our world craves power. The power to rule over others, to control destinies, to command wealth, to set the rules, is what many see as the only reason to obtain power. Even the disciples of Jesus would argue among themselves as to who would sit at his right and left hands because those were considered positions of great authority and power.

    Even in religious circles today many espouse the idea of power to do great miracles and wonders. Jesus, however, came to turn our thinking upside down. The powerful in his kingdom would be the servant of all. He came to bring a towel of servant hood and not a scepter of rulership to his followers. The power he offers is power to overcome sin, power to live in humility, power to testify of his saving grace, and of course power to serve with joy and gladness.

    Not exactly the kind of power the world is seeking after. We want to scratch and claw our way to the top when we should be making an effort to become servants of all. The strength he gives us is the strength to say “no” to temptation, the strength to hold our tongues when offended, the strength to bend down and wash the feet of our enemies, the strength to forgive when wronged, the strength to love the unlovable, the strength to break the power of evil in our lives through mercy, justice, and humility.

    If you want to be strong in the Lord, strive to be strong in serving, loving, and in giving. It’s what Jesus was talking about.


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