One of the craziest things to come out of this pandemic is Zoom meetings. It’s where you have virtual meetings but the camera only sees the top half and a few details in the background.

    So two thing’s happened as a result. One is that people would wear PJ bottoms or shorts since it would not show on screen while wearing a nice blouse or shirt with a tie and maybe even a suit jacket. The second is that background pics can be used to make it look like you’re in the Bahamas or any other place instead of your messy living room. Both options clearly show us that people often will do just enough to get by.

    Of course this has led to countless slip ups when someone stands up and forgets they are half dressed! It may be a sign of a deeper issue. We perform best when we know the boss is watching. However, when the cat’s away the mice will play.

    Today’s verse reminds us to do our work as if we were working for the Lord. Do our very best with integrity. Take pride in our work ethic. Whatever we do for a living we should do with excellence. There are no shortcuts to excellence. When you work in this manner there is no room for shame or regret.


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