It is said that confession is good for the soul. However, not all confession leads to repentance. Our prisons are full of people who are more than happy to confess, even brag about what they have done. Most, I’m sure, actually embellish their sordid stories in hopes of gaining some sort of street cred and possibly some protection from those who seek to harm them.
    There are a few who dream of a book or movie deal based on their life’s story, thereby gaining some monetary value or popularity. So just because someone is willing to confess some horrible deed does not make it good. True biblical confession is when we realize the gravity of what we have done. How much we have wronged God and others coupled with a deep sense of contrition, sorrow, and regret.
    After that we move on to confessing that there is only One who can save us. Only One who can restore us. Only One who can forgive us. Only One who can truly redeem us. His name is Jesus. The One whom God himself sent and approved to pay the penalty for our sins on Calvary’s cross. After his death 3 days later God raised him up from the dead to display his power even over death. Openly acknowledging our confession in Jesus as our Savior is the way to eternal salvation.
    The kind of confession that is more than words but deep down inside belief with all your heart and soul. The kind of confession that will usher in a radical departure from previous actions to a new way of life. This kind of confession is indeed good for the soul.



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