I blame my love of speed and cars on Hot Wheels by Mattel. I spent hours playing with my collection of cars as a child. In my imagination I was able to do some pretty amazing stunts with those cars. So it’s kind of a disappointment that my real cars aren’t able to do those same stunts now.

    Truth be told very few of us will ever drive our cars to their fullest potential. They will live out their existence on boring paved roads at ho-him speeds with no daring jumps over other cars or ravines. They look pretty and they are very comfortable. But they are capable of so much more. I don’t want to live out my entire life at far less than my potential. I want to try crazy things. I want to dream and attempt great things for me, for my family, for God.

    Sometimes those crazy things are being faithful in marriage or paying my bills on time or staying out of debt or spending a lot of time with my kids. Sometimes it’s going to church on Sunday and singing in a choir and just being dependable and faithful. Maybe that crazy dream is to go overseas and help build an orphanage or give health care to the impoverished and poor.

    I have one life to live on God’s green earth and I don’t want to waste a minute of it. It is too precious. Here’s the amazing part. God is the one who births those dreams and then he gives me the strength to accomplish them. But I still have to trust him and follow his leading. With him guiding me daily I hope to live up to my fullest potential unlike my car.


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