I always forget something whenever we take an out of town trip. It never fails. I’m getting better but still something is left out. There’s just so many things to remember. Now with all of our electronic devices, chargers, headphones, iPad, Apple Watch, iPhones, and the list goes on! Remember how easy it was when you were a kid and your parents worried about all that packing? All you had to do was jump in the car and wait for a snack and enjoy the ride.

    Man, those easy carefree times are gone and they don’t come back even when you’re an empty nester. Just packing for ourselves is a chore. At least we still get a snack on the road trip. Life is hard but God is so good. We go through many different times and seasons both the good, the bad, and the ugly. Yet through all of our earthly travels God proves to be our resource for every part of that journey. We often forget to pack the right essentials for what life throws at us in these seasons.

    Often we pack the wrong things. God has promised to be there for us in all times. He is my resource when life takes a crazy unexpected turn. He is my guide when I feel lost on the journey and even when I forget where I was headed in the first place. He is my place of rest when I so desperately need a break. He refuels my spirit with his very own life so I can keep going. He is my light in dark places so I can always find my way back home. On this journey called life it turns out he is my very best road trip friend.

    He is my ultimate resource. So stop worrying so much. All you need to do is jump on in and enjoy the ride. He’s got this. Snacks included.


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