Fear is a weird emotion. It can cause us to fight or flight for our lives. It can paralyze us into inaction or can impel us into unforeseen actions. Fear can be the cause of many emotional scars. Once it’s gone shame, regret, guilt or pride can takes its place. Fear can save us from death or keep us from living.

    There is one kind of fear that is not only good but comes highly recommended by God’s Holy Word. It is the fear of God. To fear God means to respect and honor him by believing what he says and acting according to his revealed word. As our creator he already knows our weaknesses, our areas of temptation, and our greatest strengths. He knows us better than we can ever know ourselves.

    Wisdom coupled with good judgement are a direct result of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. When we have placed our trust in Jesus we have begun to show the “fear of the Lord”, i.e. wisdom. When we follow his commands we are demonstrating good judgement. The bad kind of fear begins to lose its hold on us.

    We are no longer afraid of living life to the fullest. We are not afraid to face death anymore because of our hope in Christ. Where there is love of God fear diminishes and wisdom begins to bloom and flowers into good judgement. Say goodbye to irrational fear. Seek wholeheartedly after the wisdom that is from above.


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