Worry is such a weird thing because it plays out all the “what if” scenarios oftentimes focusing on the negative outcomes. Those scenarios can actually paralyze you into indecision. Fear can easily take hold of our hearts and minds. We can even spend restless nights, lose sleep, and eventually become miserable thinking about all that could go wrong.

    There is a balance between planning for the future and becoming anxious over it. Whenever I start to feel a little overwhelmed I simply bring my thoughts back to what I need to accomplish today. By focusing just on today I take my week and make it manageable. Life is what happens while we are planning something else. Tomorrow doesn’t always go exactly like I thought it would anyway. So today I have decided to simply trust God.

    I rest in him for my food for today. I trust him knowing I have clothes to wear today. I am at ease knowing I have a nice bed and a cool home to lay my head to rest. I thank him because I have work that needs to be done today and I will focus on doing it to the best of my ability. Today I will rejoice in all the good people and things that surround me.

    Today I will weep with those who are hurting and try to find a way to bring solace and comfort. Come to think of it I have a lot going on today so I really don’t have time to be worried about tomorrow. Father God, give us this day our daily bread, forgive us as we forgive others, lead me in right paths, deliver me today from any tempting situations, and may I love you and my neighbors today. Tomorrow is another day and it will take care of itself.


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