We tend to hide things for two reasons: it’s a treasure or we’re ashamed. At times I will hide a special treat or snack. Other times I hide a scar or failure. When we hide the treasure of God’s word deep in our hearts we end up with less shameful, hurtful, life draining things to hide away. I hide it in my heart when I read it, study it, cherish it, but most especially when I live it out in obedience.

    It has the ability to go so deep as to make me question my motives behind my actions. It reveals things about myself that were unknown. It shakes me to the core so those things in my life that have no substance can fall away. Then with a tenderness quite welcome and surprising it gently begins to build me up inside with joy, peace, and love that is unshakable.

    I begin to see with clarity how I have hurt others and my desire to refrain from ever doing so again begins to strengthen to a new resolve and all this by his indwelling Spirit that comes through believing and obeying his Word! The urge to hide shame and guilt lessens because there is less to hide.

    I have hidden the treasure of God’s Word in my heart that I might not sin against him, against you, or against me.


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