The level of anger is at an all time high. People are angry about everything and nothing! The noise has risen to a crescendo drowning out all reason. Sometimes it feels as if we are in a game show to see who can make the most noise. We hide behind the idea that we have a right to our opinion and bless God you’re gonna hear it whether you like it or not. Even if it means we have to yell a little louder for those in the back!

    And so it goes that one side screams and the other side responds in kind. No minds being changed. Just everybody getting angrier until we are no longer having a healthy debate but merely a shouting match. In these crazy times a soft answer, a kind response really stands out. People don’t know how to respond to a kind word.

    An angry customer can quickly change their attitude when they are met with a humble, apologetic word. When we take a moment to look beyond the noise we see hurts, pain, unforgiveness, feelings of not being heard or understood. Behind the anger is suffering. We can’t begin to make things better by simply piling on more angry words. Things will change albeit slowly when we first make a decision to become unoffendable.

    When we decide that we will respond with kindness and understanding when faced with a difficult person or situation then things will begin to look better. As Christ followers we are called to be peacemakers in a very angry world. Let’s stop adding to the turmoil. Let’s change the narrative. Let’s stop being angry all the time. Let our words sooth, calm, and begin the healing process.

    Maybe once the noise level goes down we can actually have an honest conversation.


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