Not everyone is a generous giver. We are, by nature born takers. Children must be taught to share. One of their first words is “mine!” As we grow we begin to understand that sharing is a wonderful idea especially when we are on the receiving end. Even as adults we may still have times when it is difficult to share our hard earned money with those whose only occupation is seeking a handout.

    All of us will face hardship of one kind or another. Some are inflicted by nature like fires, floods, and hurricanes. Others are wrought by the economy or a pandemic. Some difficulties come by way of health issues. Still others are self inflicted. Regardless of the cause when someone gives of their time, talent, and treasure we are usually humbled by such an act of kindness.

    Our first thought is that somehow I must repay this kindness. Often we simply cannot do so when faced with overwhelming generosity. The best we can often do is somehow pay it forward when we have an opportunity to help someone else. There are plenty of opportunities today if you will take a moment and see which of your neighbors is hurting.

    Now if you are able, remember how amazing it felt when someone helped you and go and do the same for someone else.


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