Joy and peace are not words commonly used to describe our world. We see so much going on now that would rob us of what little joy and peace we may have. If your hope is in a political, military, judicial, congressional, or even a religious solution then you are in for a rude awakening. If you’re trying to find peace and joy in stuff I can tell you it is only very temporary until the newer, improved, faster, better, cheaper model comes out.

    If you're trying to find peace and joy in that one special soul mate who will totally complete you and somehow make all your wildest dreams come true just look around you because the landscape of marital bliss is littered with broken and shattered dreams. Bottom line you and I were made to only find true lasting joy and peace in only one source.

    When we place our trust in God through his son Jesus Christ then an avalanche of joy and peace come bursting forth from within us completely irregardless of our political affiliation, our religious denomination, our own worthiness, educational level, financial standing, etc. He places his Holy Spirit within us who by his very nature and presence is a fountain of overflowing peace and joy.

    When this overflow happens the result is hope. Hope that in the end everything will be alright because we know the God of hope.


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