I am a task oriented individual. I love getting stuff done. Often I have lists that I check off when tasks are completed. It’s very satisfying when the list is completed. There are those times when I will start a new list with something that didn’t quite get accomplished from the previous list.

    When it comes to the practice of our faith we never finish. It is an ongoing task to live out our faith every day. Everyday we begin with our time of devotions, which include bible reading, prayer, reading a short passage from a devotional book, and worship. We continue in an attitude of prayer and worship throughout the day. Then depending on what life throws our way we act out our faith by walking in forgiveness, mercy, grace, peace, and love as the need requires.

    Personally I have one goal in my everyday life. I want people to be able to see my Father’s love through me. I don’t always get it right but I don’t stop trying. It’s a lifelong pursuit. I have a short daily prayer. Heavenly Father, May I bring the fragrance and aroma of Jesus to everyone I meet today. That’s one ongoing thing on my everyday to do list.


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