Our hearts are the center of who we truly are. The starting point, home base, our central processing unit, of all our passions. Those things we most care about, we most think about, we most talk about, we most dream about all flow from within. All of that is shaped and molded by what we allow to enter our hearts. Our outward life is usually just a picture, a snapshot, of what matters most to us. Jesus said that out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.
    To change the overflow you must first change what your heart is filling up on. What you consume on a daily basis, movies you watch, music and lyrics you listen to, books you read, social media you follow, like, share, all combined fills you up and when trouble bumps into you it will all come streaming out, for good or ill. Want a life-giving river flowing out of you in the tough times? Start filling your heart daily with life giving things. Guard your heart like the most precious treasure you have because from it flow all the issues of life.



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