We take it for granted that people have a certain level of common sense but when you see what gets posted on social media you quickly realize that’s not true. People even go to the extreme and do really dumb stuff because somebody somewhere said it was a challenge so for some unknown reason they take it very personally and actually record themselves on video doing crazy stuff on purpose. 

It’s really amazing just how many people will believe whatever is sad. There are also people who think they’re smarter than everyone else and that they have some sort of secret insight into what is going on in our world right now because they saw this video that someone they trust sent to them so it must be true. Just stick the word “prophet” and all of a sudden you’ve got a ton of followers in the religious community.

The word of God tells us that in the last days people will have itching ears and they will heap on to themselves teachers who will tell them what they want to hear. Basically people want someone who will tickle their ears. 

What we need is a return to the Word of God. In today’s verse we are told that if anyone lacks wisdom all they have to do is ask their heavenly father and he will grant it. If God is not speaking to you maybe it’s because you’ve got your Bible closed. Open up your Bible and read it again for the first time and let the Holy Spirit guide you and give you the wisdom that only comes from above.


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