Satisfaction guaranteed..

 Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! There are tons of products out there that boast satisfaction. Oftentimes they can satisfy your need for a very specific item. Those times when they don’t can leave you feeling frustrated and misunderstood. 

There is in us a craving, a desire for more. No matter how much we have we seem to always want more, better, bigger, newer. It is an endless cycle of temporary satisfaction and a craving for more. We eat the most delicious meal ever and ooh and ahh about how excellent it is and go on and on about it to others only to find ourselves hungry again within a few short hours. The belly is never fully satisfied.

It’s not just food. It can be affection, love, money, power, influence, or a plethora of other needs and wants. We are creatures of craving. If we are not careful we will find ourselves miserable with unsatisfied cravings. 

Jesus knew this about human nature. He understands us better than we understand ourselves. He gives us words of wisdom. We cannot live on bread alone. Those things that our bodies crave are only temporary. Our spirits crave something more substantial and more fulfilling. 

Jesus said that we would live by the Word of God. The Bible is God’s life giving word to us. By it we will live a truly meaningful and satisfying life. One that dampens the continual cravings of the flesh. It will put our world into its proper perspective. Feed your soul by digging deep into God’s Word. Satisfaction guaranteed.


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