He leads

 God rules and reigns in the affairs of men. He sets up and brings low kings and kingdoms at his pleasure. He is at work in our beloved America whether we see it or not. Being confident of this truth means that after I have done my part in the process of selecting government officials I then leave the rest to him. 

In the same way but on a much smaller scale I know that I can trust him with the plans for my life. To him it is just as important because of how much he loves us. Too many today are bent all out of shape with everything going on at the White House but don’t give the same attention to what’s happening in their own house.

There is a tension, a balance between my planning and God’s will and leading. He gave us the intelligence and creativity at creation to work, plan, and be about the tasks set before us long before the fall in the garden. So in a practical sense when we plan and work hard to provide for our families and help our neighbors we are in his will already. 

We must remember that it is the Lord we are working for and our attitude and excellence in our work reflects our love and devotion to the Lord. Ultimately it is the Lord who can step in any time and gently guide me into a new area of work or ministry. It’s a beautiful picture of working together with the Lord to accomplish his perfect will in our lives while planning, working, and enjoying the beautiful life he has given us to the fullest. 

If I can trust him to lead and guide our nation through perilous times then I can trust him with my life completely. He directs my steps.


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