Good day to pray.

 Today is a good day for prayer! In fact everyday is a good day for prayer. We are reminded in scripture that we should pray in all situations. That means big or small, things of global and national importance and things that matter to my child. Finances a mess? Pray. Marriage a little rocky? Pray. Feeling down or depressed? Pray. Having a great day? Offer a prayer of thanksgiving. 

There are so many different ways to pray. We seem to think that it always involves kneeling for an hour in deep prayer although that would be ok too! Pray while you’re driving to work. Pray while you are working out. Pray while jogging. Pray in the shower. Pray for your food. Pray over you spouse. Pray for you family. Pray for your enemies. Pray for our state and national leaders. 

Big prayers, little prayers, short ones and long ones. Prayer is simply talking to God about everything and anything. He stands ready to listen and even speak into our hearts and minds. Read prayers, say prayers, sing prayers, think prayers, weep prayers. Even when we are sobbing and don’t even have the words to say what we are feeling God understands the language of tears and groaning. 

With everything going on in today’s world how should we respond? What should we do? Feeling hopeful? Feeling hopeless? The answer is the same. Talk to God about it all. PRAY!


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