More than ever we need to practice this word daily. Too many are doing the opposite and stoking fear, repeating conspiracy theories, instigating insurrection, and seemingly pushing each other to the brink of a civil war.

Others are running around like Chicken Little screaming, “the sky is falling!” Commercials for ready to eat meals that will stay good for 25 years are everywhere. Some people of faith have even been fooled and are now shopping for new social media apps and running scared from platform to platform.

I wish someone would go back and re-read their bibles! This is not the day for men’s hearts to fail them for fear. At least not the heart of Christian men and women. All this scurrying about comes from putting all your eggs in the political and news baskets. Listen, this peace I have, the world didn’t give it to me and the world can’t take it away! Regardless of who the resident of the White House is my peace is secure.

The biggest issue is the feeling of loss of control. Today’s verse tells us there is something you can control. You can motivate others to good works and acts of love. That would be going about our Father’s business. Stop with the fear-mongering already. Go encourage someone around you who is fearful and let them see your peace and tell them who you get it from. His name is Jesus. That’s my King!


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