Yes or no?

 It was third grade. I remember slipping a small folded piece of paper to a friend to give to a cute little girl sitting only a few rows away. It was a simple question. “Will you be my girlfriend? Yes or No. Please check one.” The little girl read it, marked it and slipped it back to my friend who gave it to me. I carefully opened the note without making too much fuss as we were in class at school. My eyes fell on the word “yes” with a check mark next to it! My heart fluttered and I had the biggest smile on my face all day long. 

Now what? Nobody ever told me what comes next after the proposal had been delightfully accepted. Of course it all faded away after a few days and I went back to doing whatever it is that third graders do. That was my first experience at love. Great anticipation followed by wonderful, exuberant delight and then a fading away to only become a memory. 

Today’s verse talks about an everlasting love. A love that does not fade away into the cobwebs of memory. The Lord is as passionate about us today as he was when we first met. His love does not wane nor diminish. He holds you ever so close. If we can accept that love freely given we are free to love others in the same fashion. His unfailing love is the foundation we can build our lives on.


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