Trust Him.

 We tend to put our trust in a lot of things. I trusted my gps to get me to my destination. Once without realizing it I drove right past my destination, drove a about a mile down the road, turned into a subdivision, drove around in a huge circle, came back out at the entrance, turned back down the highway where I just came from and then to the place I had passed 20 minutes ago! Needless to say I have lost faith in my gps as amazing as it is. 

We’ve trusted people who have failed us miserably and now we are skeptical as well as we should be. Many people and things are simply unreliable. So it makes today’s verse more insightful.

We can trust the Lord to save us. His ways are better than mine. His thoughts are so much higher. His love is so much stronger. His victory is overwhelming. 

One of my favorite worship songs is by Cory Asbury, Your Love is Strong. The words of the chorus are powerful.

“Your love, vanquished all my enemies,

Broke the cage that silenced me, and set this songbird free.

I sing for all the love you’ve given me, rejoice because you’ve chosen me and called this orphan home.”

All fear subsides because I can trust the Lord to bring deliverance! He has become my strength and my song. He has become my salvation.


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