Songs of joy.

 Sowing is difficult, painstaking work. You take something that is valuable and you bury it. It’s like hiding a little treasure. Something of a mystery happens to what you have buried. First it dies, then deep down inside the seed something begins to stir ushered on by moisture in the surrounding soil and the warmth of a sun above it pushes a tiny root deeper into the ground. Eventually it finds life and it starts to break upwards through soil and rock reaching for the brightness above. In time it will grow tall and even begin to reproduce. 

The farmer sows in hope and expectation with blood, sweat, and tears because he knows that eventually there will be a bountiful harvest. At harvest time there are days set aside for celebrating, singing and dancing because the persistence, hard work, and waiting has paid off.

You may be going through a very difficult time right now. Your seed may be in the process of dying buried beneath the weight of loss and grief. Rest assured that there is something happening deep down where no one can see. God is at work in the depths unseen. He is building a brighter future. He is crafting a new beginning. He is calling forth out of the darkness something wonderful and beautiful and full of new life! Your time of singing is coming. Hold on because God is not finished with your story just yet. Your bountiful harvest will rise from the ashes. Warm up the band because I feel a new song coming on!


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