Peace through superior firepower. That’s a great military motto but doesn’t serve us very well when we aren’t facing a military enemy. When anxiety and worries crowd out our worship we need something more powerful than guns and ammo. The stark reality is our enemy is the one looking back in the mirror. That character is usually guilty of a lot of mischief.

There is so much going on in our world right now that the idea of having a peaceful Christmas season seems totally incomprehensible. Some have lost loved ones, others have lost jobs, we are still in a pandemic, we’re unsure of the vaccine, we don’t know what tomorrow may bring, and the list of real concerns goes on.

There is one who just seems to exude peace. In fact the closer you get to him it just seems like all our cares and worries begin to melt off of us. He has an aura about him that makes you feel safe, loved, and accepted. There is no condemnation in his eyes. His love is so great it acts like a strong fortress around us. 

The more we focus on Jesus and his indescribable gift of peace the safer we feel. He calls us to come to him when we are weary, tired, broken, and heavy hearted and he will give us rest. If you are feeling overwhelmed take a moment to call on him. Let his soothing fragrance and aroma of love surround you. Let his peace wash over your spirit and make you whole. He is, after all, the Prince of Peace. Peace is in his name and in his nature.


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