Need a light?

 We are going through a dark season in our world. Life is not what we would consider normal. Everything has changed, been cancelled or even radically altered. There are moments when we simply don’t even recognize our own lives. It’s haunting. 

While many are simply going through a season of darkness there are those who have a permanent residence there. Their lives are broken, hurting, and desolate. Hope left a long time ago well before Covid came along. They’ve given up on a normal life and have been living in poverty. Shame, regret, and loneliness are their only companions. 

There is good news! Regardless if you are walking through darkness or have taken up permanent residence there in the midst of it all is a light. It waits to be revealed. Only those with eyes of faith are able to see it and bask in its glow. 

Sometimes all it takes is someone to come along with a smile and some aid to start a spark of hope within. We are light bearers. We carry the spark of the divine within us. We are called to carry that light especially to dark places and let it shine. The light shines in the darkness but sometimes the darkness does not comprehend it. This Christmas season keep shining your light so others can find their way out of the darkness. Christmas was a rescue mission.


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