He came!

 Christmas is almost here. Most of the shopping has been done. The meal planning is starting. The cookies have been baked, decorated, shared, and enjoyed. The gifts are wrapped. The tree is trimmed. Everything is just about ready for a big celebration! 

What exactly are we celebrating? That God chose to come near. That he decided to disrobe himself of heavenly glory and wrap himself in frail human flesh. Why? So he could walk alongside us. He could feel our hurts and pains. So he could know our broken-hearted lives and share in our sorrows. 

He also came to bring us hope where there seemed to be none. Hope of a new beginning. A fresh start. He came to freely offer forgiveness for any who would repent and draw near to God. He came to seek and to save the lost. 

Most importantly he came to demonstrate how much he truly loves us. Men yearned to know what God was really like so he came to show us in person. He healed the sick, wept with those in grief, welcomed little children, ate with tax collectors and sinners, even raised some from the dead. Ultimately he gave his life as a ransom to deliver us from our sins. 

This is definitely worth celebrating!


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