Follow the money.

In today’s crazy political atmosphere people will say follow the money if you want to know who’s behind the curtain. Like the great Wizard of Oz we believe there is always someone behind the scenes pulling strings and levers all in an attempt to control others and produce an expected outcome. Conspiracy theories abound and new ones are created each day it seems.

If we take the time to think about it all we will find that we are not so much like Dorothy trying to discover truth, or the Tin Man seeking wisdom, or the Cowardly Lion seeking his heart. We are all more like the Wizard madly trying to keep it all together somehow hoping to manipulate and construe what we desire as an outcome. All the while it turns out we are the ones being manipulated.

Like gullible fish to a shiny lure we are being coerced to our own demise. The deceitfulness of riches and the illusion of security lead us down a dangerous path. We don’t even realize it because everyone else is doing it too so it must be normal to live this way. We spend our lives chasing after what turns out to be a mirage. 

Jesus warned about this and simply said, “Don’t do it.” Don’t invest your life in things that will not satisfy nor will they last. Instead he tells us to invest in heaven. How exactly are we to do that? Spend your life loving God, obeying his word, carrying out his will, and loving people in both word and deed. Jesus didn’t come to die on a cross for new shiny toys. He came to redeem us. He loved you that much that he saw that you were worth dying for. He invested in eternal things. He invested in you because that was where his heart was. You are his most treasured possession.


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