A few years ago I was at a church picnic. It was at first a very beautiful day. On the horizon dark clouds started to gather and before long we could see a storm was gathering. My eye was captured by some ants. The large kind found in west Texas and they were, as ants usually are, scurrying about doing whatever it is that ants do. 

A thought came to me as I began to think about the impending deluge and how the ants just kept busy doing ant work. In a few moments they would be swept away by the downpour. They seemed unconcerned or maybe just indifferent. I thought about how I could somehow warn them of the danger just ahead. I realized then that the only way to be effective was to become an ant myself and then tell them to get up to higher ground quickly.

Of course this was simply an impossibility for me. As much as I wish I could transform myself into an ant there was still no guarantee that they would even listen to me. In fact they may even turn against me and completely reject my warnings. 

Christmas is about God coming to us as a human being in the person of his son, Jesus Christ. He came to warn us from impending doom. On the most part we turned against him, rejected his message, and crucified him. Three days later God raised him from the dead! 

Why did he do that? Why did he have to come down? Why did he have to suffer? Love. He did it because of his great love. He came to show us how to live on higher ground above the danger and beyond the grasp of despair. When I think of everything he did for me there is no other way I can fully respond but to be full of joy! To know how much I am loved and valued. To understand that I am not invisible to him. My heart bursts with joy at the thought. Love came down and rescued me. This is the reason for my joy.


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