The more things change the more they stay the same. Change is inevitable. It can happen very slowly over the span of a lifetime or very rapidly even overnight. We’ve all experienced change. It’s just part of life. Parents often wish their kids would remain cute and small but that would actually not be a good thing because it goes against their very nature.

     We are born to change and it happens again and again. Some changes we can orchestrate and other changes we have very little input. This time of year is so beautiful because the seasons change. With so many things changing all the time all around us it is comforting to know that our Lord and Savior does not change. He didn’t wake up today and decide not to love you anymore. He didn’t change his mind about being there for you. He doesn’t waver back and forth trying to decide if he likes you.

     He is our solid rock when sudden unexpected change comes to shake our worlds apart. He is faithful when our emotions are all over the place. He is dependable and reliable. He is steady and sure. He is unmovable and unchanging. He loves you today and he will love you tomorrow. When changes come your way and they will there is someone who can steady you through it all because he stays the same. Depend on him today.


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