Overflowing love.

 God’s word tells us that we need to love our neighbors as ourselves. Honestly there are some people who make it a real challenge. It is at times very difficult to demonstrate love. It’s so easy on the other hand to show love to those we like, those we agree with or who think like us. We have something in common so we have a starting point. 

In today’s verse we are given an inside look at how real love works. True genuine love flows from a place of security. When we feel secure in being loved ourselves we are then completely able to release that same kind of love. Think of it like food. When we have an abundance we are quite content to share our bounty with those in need. However if our own supply is scant so is our generosity. We become stingy because we become afraid of running out.

God loves us with an unconditional, unending, boundless, deep, profound, unexplained love. The Bible says that while we were his enemies he died for us. When we truly grasp his amazing love for us and bask in its beauty the automatic response shows up in us loving others. It’s like a cup that once reaches its capacity if you continue to pour into it it cannot help but overflow into whatever is around it. 

God is continually pouring out his love upon us day after day. It is out of this abundant love that we then overflow to others. It’s impossible to contain it. It just spills over to those around us. We can indeed love others because he has first loved us.


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