It’s a New Day!

     Not sure if I’m weird when it comes to Mondays but I like Mondays. It’s the start of a new work week. I’m thankful for work because it provides for my family. A new week begins and we get to start all over having hopefully learned a few things from the previous week good or bad that will make this a great week. Maybe I’m just a hopeless optimist. Maybe it’s all about attitude. I don’t want to go dragging thru the day complaining about it being Monday. I’m looking forward to great things this week.

     A favorite quote from an all time great movie, Anne of Green Gables, “Tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes in it.” This day will be what I have determined it will be and if things don’t quite go according to plan that’s ok because hopefully I get another dawn tomorrow to try again. In the meantime I want to celebrate each day as a gift from God.

     Today’s verse talks about a new day dawning. People are drawn to those who are joyful and happy. It turns out that joy is contagious. We gravitate to joyful, happy, content individuals. We tend to gravitate away from whiners and complainers who are always bellyaching about their lot in life. We are drawn to Gods light precisely because there is a peace there. It is a place of joy and wonder. The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ drew people because of its beauty. The Gospel means Good News!

     It’s a bright glorious light shining in a dark and dingy world and it draws many people to its warmth and glory. Shouldn’t the people who are products of this new dawn completely reflect its character and nature in their own lives? We as followers of Christ are living examples of having a new dawn, a new beginning, a fresh start. Joy, gratitude, laughter can’t help but spill over from lives full of this light of God’s love even on a Monday!


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