Black Friday is this month and it’s coming fast! All the pushing and shoving just to get a great deal on this years hottest toy or maybe that big screen tv you’ve been dreaming about. We like to pat ourselves on the back and talk about what we had to do to get that elusive prize at such a great price.

     We can’t wait to tell others about our prowess and cunning, our hunting skills, the dangers we surmounted, and the poor saps we beat out to get the last one in the store! We love to hear the gasps and see the looks on people’s faces when we tell them of our great shopping exploits. Then if we are extremely lucky we will get the chance to overhear them tell someone else how amazing and truly special we are. It’s so much fun!

     Today’s verse talks about the glory of the Lord. The best way I could think of to explain it was my little story. In the story we are the main focus. We are the hero! When we begin to talk about what God has done for us he is the center of attention. When we tell of how he radically transformed our lives, set us free from guilt and shame and how he filled our mouths with joy and laughter we are making his glory known.

     When we share how he provided for us financially when we needed it most we are letting others be encouraged to believe that they too can have this amazing, loving God in their lives as well. We sing his praises to others. We lift his name up as the only one who can save us. We tell others how he has healed us time and time again. He is our all in all.

     While we cannot help but sing our own praises once in a while we can decide to share the glory of God in everyday settings. Today I will tell someone how amazing God is and bring glory to him!


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