Buried treasure!

 Growing up on Galveston Island many of my childhood games involved hunting for famous pirate  Jean LaFitte’s buried treasure usually by digging lots of holes in my own backyard! I found bugs, nails, cool rocks, a penny once or twice, but never the typical treasure chest full of diamonds and pearls and of course candy because I was a kid and what kind of buried treasure didn’t have candy?

My dreams usually ended by me waking up with empty clenched fists as I grasped for all the delicious candy only to be sorely disappointed. Needless to say that Halloween was like a dream come true as we would go around and get free candy from all the neighbors! Somehow the next morning a lot of the candy was gone! Now I know why my dad was roly poly. 

Who would have known that as adults we’d still be digging for that yet undiscovered treasure. We buy lottery tickets in hopes of hitting the big one! We chase after experiences to reach the ultimate high. We work all hours to catch the American dream. Many of our pursuits are just human nature digging around for that one special treasure that somehow will validate all our hard work. The crazy thing is that even if we actually obtain the very thing we are chasing after the emotional let down when we find that it simply does not bring us the satisfaction we thought it would is understandably disheartening.

Jesus knew this. He knew our hearts are deceitful above all else and they would lead us astray chasing after a mirage. He also knew that riches are deceitful and will try to give us a false sense of security. Riches often sprout wings and flies away in an instant. 

Jesus came to show us a better way. Hold earthly things lightly because they just don’t last nor can they truly satisfy the longings of our hearts. Instead set your sights on heavenly things because they are eternal. Things like forgiveness, grace, mercy, kindness, peace, joy, and love, especially love. Be fat in these things! This is the treasure worth grasping for. It turns out that Jesus is the pearl of great price. I’m so glad I’ve found him!


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