Growing up next to a Sears store had its advantages. They would throw out those huge cardboard boxes that stoves and refrigerators came in. One Saturday morning I got up early and got as many of those boxes as I could get and dragged them into our backyard and built the biggest castle by connecting all the boxes and cutting doors and windows wherever it needed and taped them all together! It was a thing of beauty. I spent all day playing in my cardboard castle.

     At the end of the day I had to tear it all down and throw it all away. So sad but I had so much fun. My imagination had taken me to many places and of course my castle was my place of safety, security, and solace. Unfortunately being made out of cardboard it was pretty well worn and had started to tear in places as the cardboard started to weaken with Galveston’s high humidity. In my imagination it was a fortress! In reality it was a very poor substitute for a real castle. A good rain storm would have left me a huge mess.

     Turns out we go about our lives constantly building our own places of safety, protection, and security only to see the storms of life easily tear them down. Then we start over finding new stuff to build our places of refuge out of. In today’s verse we discover that our true place of refuge is not a place at all but a person. When life’s storms rage all around me I can run to him and be safe. My Heavenly Father is my place of safety, protection, security, and comfort. He is as near to me as my next breath. I can call on him at any moment of my day and find him waiting to embrace me in his loving arms.

     He is my fortress, my place of protection in times of trouble. Throw your own feeble castle away. You don’t need it anymore. Run to your Heavenly Father. He’s got you safely in his arms.


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